Here are some photos of my McCollum Grand Auditorium guitar as it is being built.
This "functional sculpture" was used exclusively for all of the titles on Summer Storm.

Click on an image to see a larger view.

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Here is the wood for the back and sides.
The back right panel has just a touch of finish on it to give a hint of the finish and flame.

Photo by Lance McCollum January 8, 2000

The guitar is finishing up beautifully. Look at the flame on that Koa!

oto by Lance McCollum February 8, 2001

Here is a side view with the Titebond glue in the back ground.
No Neck yet!

Photo by Lance McCollum February 8, 2001

Here is the finished product. This photo was taken by my friend Mike Sickels at Alum Rock Park in San Jose, California. It's the picture that was used on the back cover of the CD and really shows off the beautiful finish of the guitar. (Love that green stripe in the binding!)

Great job, Mike and Lance!

Photo by Mike Sickels January 6, 2002


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Photography Mike Sickels