SUMMER STORM (6:03) (Tom Lamson)
© Tom Lamson
A little bit of gentle rain and some distant thunder. There’s nothing more romantic than walking though the woods during a Summer Storm. The guitar tuning is DADGAD.


OUT FOR A WALK (6:27) (Tom Lamson)
© Tom Lamson
Sonny and I go for a walk every evening and I hear melodies while she tries to tell me things. (Sorry Honey!) This one has some fun harmonics in the middle. Played in dropped D tuning DADGBE.


AVE MARIA (2:38) (Franz Shubert)
I first heard this on a crystal radio that I built when I was a Boy Scout. My grandmother gave me the piano music and I arranged it for solo guitar. Played in standard tuning EADGBE.
HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE (2:27) (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
© Sony/ATV & EMI Blackwood Music
So many great Beatles songs and so little time. I arranged this one for standard guitar tuning EADGBE.
SING TO ME (4:58) (Tom Lamson)
© Tom Lamson
Music and words written many years ago but the words are forgotten. (Just be glad that I’m not singing.) I originally arranged this for a bunch of synthesizers but I thought that it might sound good on solo guitar. Played in DADGAD guitar tuning.
ARIOSO (5:47) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I still haven’t written down how I play this one and I have to relearn it every few months. I took a piano arrangement and used my computer to change the key to F major. I cut out the sections and taped them to individual pieces of paper. Then I read (I use the term loosely) and convert to the guitar. Weird, huh? Played in standard tuning EADGBE.
DRIVING A GREEN CAR (9:07) (Tom Lamson)
© Tom Lamson
You just can’t beat a green car. It drives smoother than a purple car and the radio plays better music than a red one. The guitar is tuned to DADGAD.
DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY (2:09) (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
I arranged this for solo guitar from the piano music. Use your imagination when it comes to the part for Celeste. Played in standard notation EADGBE.
LETTER FROM HOME (2:45) (Patrick B Metheny)
© Pat Meth Music Corporation (BMI)
I’ve always wanted to play as musically as Pat Metheny does. I arranged this piece for solo guitar in standard tuning EADGBE.
NOCTURNE IN E FLAT OPUS 9 NO 2 (4:50) (Fryderyk Francois Chopin)
This is one of the compositions that turned me towards classical music. I first heard it at my Grandparent’s beach house on an old plaid record player (most likely performed by 101 Strings). I’ve been humming it ever since. I arranged it for guitar in the key of F with dropped D tuning DADGBE.
© Tom Lamson
I wrote this while watching my Chihuahua chase squirrels in our back yard. He earns his keep this way. It still amazes me that big squirrels run away from such a small dog. Played in standard tuning EADGBE.
GAYNES ADAGIO (GAYNEH BALLET SUITE) (3:49) (Aram Khachaturian)
© Schirmer (ASCAP)
This melody has haunted me ever since watching Dave exercising toroidally in the space ship Discovery in “2001 A Space Odyssey.” I wore out the LP trying to arrange it for guitar many years ago. Played in standard tuning EADGBE.
AIR ON A G STRING (3:02) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Another beautiful melody by Bach. Played in standard tuning EADGBE.
LOST IN VERMONT (5:50) (Tom Lamson)
© Tom Lamson
This instrumental is based on a true story. My friend Robert and I were talking and walking and he got lost. (I just didn’t know where the heck we were) The guitar tuning is DADGAD.
Thanks to my wife Sonny for her loving patience and for convincing me to re-record the whole darn thing (“it keeps going ‘donk’ donk’”) ... (thumb nail too long)
  Thanks to my friends who listened, helped, encouraged, and kept telling me to do it! Mark Marispini, Steve Osborne, Mike Sickels, Dave Scott, Rick Raymond, Robert Walker, Jeff Peake, Bill DeVore, and Michael Ferrucci.
  Thanks to Carolyn Henderson, Mike Sickels, and Steve Osborne for their excellent ideas for the cover art.
  Thanks to Bach-Le Nguyen at “Today’s Nails” for the great acrylic nails.
Produced and Engineered by Tom Lamson
Photography by Mike Sickels
Mastered by Brian Lipski, The SoundLab at Disc Makers
Design by Ted Liljestrand, The Design Studio at Disc Makers
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Fremont CA
  All recording was done with a magnificent McCollum Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar with Cedar top and Koa back and sides. Thanks for building such a beautiful instrument, Lance! http://www.mccollumguitars.com/
  Elixir Nanoweb light gauge guitar strings
Two KM184 Neumann small condenser microphones.
Mackie 1402-VLZ mixer
Mackie HR824 monitors
Carillon computer
Cubase VST and TC Electronics Native Reverb software


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